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We are a non-profit organization on a mission to support other non-profit organizations maximize their impact and build stronger communities

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Our Vision and Mission


- Provide centralized, data driven scalable platform to maximize impact and reduce overhead expenses.
- Become a trusted partner and consult non-profit organizations industry best practices & technical opportunities.


- Increase community engagement and build stronger connection with organizations.

Empower Non-Profit Organizations

EMPOWER non-profit organizations in centralizing data and bringing data driven approach to FUNDRAISING & DONOR engagement.

Increase Charitable Giving

HELP non-profit organizations take advantage of the digital fundraising movement by dramatically improving the giving experience for everyone – nonprofits and donors alike.

Automate Administration And Reduce Expenses

HELP non-profit organizations automate time consuming tasks and minimize operational & administrative expenses

Increase Community Engagement

ASSIST non-profit organizations in engaging donors using personalized and targeted content VIA multiple modes of communications.

About Goodbricks Engine

Modular And Scalable

Multiple Payment Channels

Built For Performance

Flexible And Highly Configurable

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